Use Default Effects to Make Repeating Elements in After Effects

Repeating elements in After Effects? Isn’t there a repeater animation property for that? Yes, there is, but that only works with Shape Layers. What if you wanted to make repeating elements  on other layers? There are a few ways to do this, some more obscure than others.

a quick tutorial about creating a quick grid/line of repeated animated elements

Watch Joe Clay create a quick grid or line of repeating elements using only standard plugins that are available in After Effects. In fact, he is using the often forgotten and never supported Particle Playground effect.

Joe uses particle playground as an instancer, working with a set object layer in Ae. Particle playground can add randomness to the animation or have items play out at random times. Clever!

Just as a side note, Joe Clay’s Workbench has a Patreon page where you can show some love for the tutorials that he makes.