How To Have Live 3D Wireframe Renders in After Effects using C4D

Sean Frangella shows us how to get wireframe renders in Ae, using the new cinema 4D renderer in Ae. Over the last few releases Cinema 4D and After Effects have come closer together.

This was evident with the initial launch of CineWare, and more recently, the new Cinema 4D renderer in After Effects. There is still much work to be done, but if you re working with the latest version of Cinema 4D and After Effects, you have the capabilities to create some nice effects between the two.

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An example of this would be using both Cinema 4D and After Effects to bring work with live wireframe renders within Ae. The trick involves starting in Cinema 4D and using Cinema 4D’s Atom Array to essentially build a wireframe of the model as geometry.

From there, you can bring the file into After Effects using CineWare. The rest of the glows and effects can be achieved by using Ae, effects. Keep in mind that this particular technique also makes use of some new features found in After Effects CC 2017 and  Cinema 4D R18 Studio. If you need to create technical wireframe renders along with motion graphics, this might be a good workflow for you.