Recreating an After Effects Motion Graphics Element in Fusion

CG Artist Vito LaManna Covers Creating an Established After Effects Motion Graphics Element With Fusion

Recreating an effect from one package to another is great way to learn. It is also a great way to discover the differences in workflow from one application to another. If you are an After Effects person and want to learn more about using Blackmagic Design’s Fusion for motion graphics elements, here is a great opportunity.

Follow along with Con-Fusion’s Vito LaManna who recreates a motion graphics effect that was created in After Effects using Fusion. The effect is from a tutorial, originally by GrayMachine’s Harry Frank, who showed how you can achieve a controllable circular displacement effect in Ae. That tutorial turned out to be more about workflow, showing how After Effects can create some complex effects by effectively stacking more than one effect on top of each other.

Turns out, the techniques in this case, between Ae and Fusion, are really not that much different from each other.

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