Josh Sobel Offers 25+ Rigging Helpers for Maya

Character TD for Psyop, Josh Sobel is Offering 25+ Rigging Helpers and Maya Workflow Tools for Only 8 Bucks

Josh Sobel is a Character TD for the mighty shop, Psyop. Recently, Josh has posted some of his rigging helpers (for a small fee). Josh Sobel Rigging Helpers are a collection of 25+ tools that can speed up rigging workflows in Maya. Tools that assist with rigging workflow are always worth a look.

The scripts and tools are a collection that Sobel has created and used over the last 5 years. They range from tools that make it easier to connect attributes, an alternative to set driven key, a pose reader, a tool for extracting delta’s and a lot more.

“This collection contains tools at various levels of stability and annotation, created over the past 5 years without the goal of public distribution. I think you’ll get a lot of use from them, but there is always the possibility that some of them may not work in all versions of Maya, or for every situation.” Sobel notes.

If that disclaimer doesn’t scare you away, you can learn more about Josh Sobel’s Rigging Helpers for Maya here, and download them for $8.