Working With Python Scripts With MASH

Maximilian Schönherr Helps Get You Started With Using Python to Control Aspects of Maya’s MASH Motion Graphics Toolkit

CG Artist Maximilian Schönherr continues his series that help get you started with MASH, Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit. Schönherr walks through waking with Python to drive and control various aspects of MASH. Although the tutorial focuses on Python, a scripting language, you don’t need to have any scripting experience to follow along.

This is largely due to the work that MASH’s Ian Waters has done ahead of time. Ian Covered two articles that showed how to work with Maya and Python and meshes. His two-part look shows how you can turn points on and off based on the normals of a particular mesh. Ian also walked through setting point ID’s based on the vertex colors of a mesh. Both of those can be found here.