Have a Look at Some of the New Features in Mari 4

Peter Aversten Shares His First Impressions on MARI 4 and Covers the New Project Setup

VFX veteran, Mari expert, Lighting TD and mustachioed Peter Aversten shares some oh his first impressions and insights into the not-yet-released MARI 4. The Foundry has MARI currently in an open beta.

The latest release version of MARI is 3.3 which offered optimized performance and texture management, and a new marquee lift action. MARI 4 sports a much cleaner interface that should help streamline its workflow. Aversten walks through some aspects of MARI 4 and also has a look at how the new project setup has changed.

“The new project window in Mari makes setting up a project much easier. You can choose what type of shader you want to create and automate the process of applying the channels to the shader.” Aversten says. MARI beta gives you control of what HDR and lights to have as default in the interface.