All the rage with the kids in 3ds Max these days, is SuperFlow a script for 3DS that creates complex geometric shapes by creating a hierarchy between multiple simple objects and moving their pivot points, and here, V-motion shows a tutorial on advanced SuperFlow element techniques.

Tutorial #005 – Superflow Elements Advanced from V-MOTION on Vimeo.

“Superflow was a discovery Ian Clemmer made on October 30th 2009. It is a technique which changes the relationship of objects and the space between them. Superflow served as the foundation for a new type of particle software, which combines Superflow transformation with mathematical formulas such as the Superformula (discovered by Johan Gielis in 1997). In the development process he created the Polarflow Formula, a new type of formula which combines and further extends the RDTD framework laid by Whitney and the Superformula by Gielis. Polarflow Fundamentals is the foundation and combination of these formulas, and can help us understand the long journey that the theorem of pythagoras has taken. By combining mathematical formulas the possibilities with Superflow have become endless. The aim of this thesis was to start understanding the nature of Superflow, its connection to math and natural patterns, to develop a particle software which makes advanced use of Superflow and the Superformula, and to build a foundation of musical theory which can be applied to visual art. Music is to sound what Viusic is to light. The short animations produced for this thesis offer only a tiny glimpse into the Superflow Universe, and how it can be used to create Viusic.”

V-MOTION Solutions Tutorial on Advanced Techniques with Superflow Elements. Software: 3ds Max Extras: PF Spliner 3.5, Greeble, Clone, Krakatoa

– SF Elements Advanced
– Using SmartArray & Quick Clone
– Path Distribution
– Integration with Pflow
– Realtime Rig for particle emission
– Pflow Setups discussed
– Rendering with Krakatoa
– and more…