QubaHQ returns with another tutorial, this time using Cinema4D and After Effects using Depth of Field and depth maps with as little frustration as possible, and he even provides a preset that you can use. Check out the tutorial here.

“A program of choice to many motion artists, Cinema 4D has a rather counter-intuitive method of producing depth of field. Both the camera controls and the way in which C4D handles depth maps can be a cause of major headache, especially for the newcomers to this program.”

C4D DoF Camera (QubaHQ Preset & Tutorial Preview) from Quba Michalski on Vimeo.

“With the coding support from German motion artist and art director, Derya Ozturk, we have been able to construct an improved camera rig for Cinema 4D that should help you eliminate needless frustration, and get the results you need with just a few clicks.”