Wings, the open source free polygon and subdivision modeler has recently updated to version 1.4 with a bunch of fixes and improvements to stability, but also a lot of new tools as well including a major re-write of Tweak that integrates more into the Wings Core. The new Teak features better performance, a refinement of the Tweak tools with added flexibility. In addition, Wings 1.4 sports some new plane cut and slice tool and a new sculpt mode that allows you to push and pull, inflate, pinch or smooth your model.
For more information, check out the Wings 3D page here.

Wings 3D is an open source advanced subdivision modeler that is both powerful and easy to use. It is possible to assign materials, vertex color, UV.

  • Major rewrite of Tweak to integrate it into the Wings core. The new Tweak features improved performance, additional tools, and more flexibility.
  • Plane Cut and Slice for cutting objects or face selections
  • Rotate Unconstrained for multi-axis rotations
  • Sculpt Mode lets you push, pull, inflate, pinch, and smooth your model
  • Face|Bridge now connects any two face regions
  • Body|Weld now manages neighbouring faces
  • View Along Nearest Axis (use 1 hotkey instead of 6)
  • Interface improvements:
  • Asian font support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Rollup windows into their titlebars
  • Right-Click menus now sport a Menu Toolbar
  • Folders and new icons for the Geometry Graph
  • Four color themes to choose from in the Edit menu
  • Save and load Preference Subsets from the File menu
  • Automatic menu clipping for long menus
  • Tweak Palette for selecting Tweak tools, magnets, and axis constraints
  • Fix to properly restore the maximized Wings layout on Windows
  • Many bugfixes and improvements