Stuart Christensen returns with a tutorial describing some of the options available in Maya Mental Ray Shaders that will help with reflective surfaces, particularly MIB_Glossy_Reflection.

There’s a number of different Maya and Mental Ray shaders that help achieve glossy surfaces, and one in particular called the MIB_Glossy_Reflection gives great control and depth for a glossy surface and it’s reflections. There’s a few steps involved to “invoke” this most pleasant glossy surface and this tutorial by Stuart Christensen will help you with understanding the controlling properties of this unusual Mental Ray Node. Everyone loves shiny surfaces!

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  1. Ian

    Great info, came at just the right time for something that I was working on!

    Hope this helps as it took me a few tries to figure it out.

    It seems that you have to plug in a mib_illum_xxx shader into the mib_glossy_reflections slot (as the video says). If you use a regular Maya blinn, lamb or anything else, then it crashes at render time (at least on the two Mac 2011 SP1s that I tried it on)

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