PlanetSide has recently updated Terragen, their flagship software for the visualisation of landscapes and natural environments to version 2.3, marking the introduction of full 64 bit support allowing for the creation and management of significantly larger and more complex scenes. For more information on Terragen, visit Planetside.

Terragen 2.3 is now available and includes a number of important new features. For the first time 64 bit versions are available, allowing for much more complex scenes on systems with more than 4GB of memory and a 64 bit operating system. Other features include a new color picker and node palette. Keep reading for details. This update is free for all licensed users of Terragen 2.

The release of version 2.3 marks the introduction of full 64 bit support. Significant changes include:

  • 64 bit support
  • Rendering performance in 64 bit is improved vs. current 32 bit versions
  • New colour picker
  • New node palette
  • Geometry export improvements
  • Object readers support object sequences
  • New note node
  • UI performance and workflow improvements