Another Softimage ICE walkthrough from Chris Marshall, who looks at creating some failry complex ICE systems without the need for coding. This time Chris looks at creating brushes in Softimage ICE.

Building Bushes in ICE – Demo for Non-Coders #2 from Chris Marshall on Vimeo.

Walkthrough of the basics of building bushes in ICE in a step by step methodical approach.

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  1. Prabin Shakya

    first of all thank you for your tutorials in ice softimage
    I learned making tree in ice from your tutorial.It was a great help with my project but when i was in the learning path of this tutorial i was not able to get the translate local node in my ice node….can you tell me how can i get the node within my ice tree so that i will be able to use it like in your video tutorial..waiting for the reply..

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