A new stock video footage startup VFX Footage focusing on VFX footage bits that professional might need when compositing has recently posted some free floating particle, film damage, and light leak clips that are free for download via their Vimeo channel. The clips are available at 1080 HD in photoJpeg format. Check out VFX-Footage for a link to the clips!


  1. Wow! Thanks for posting my Vimeo site on your blog. I didn’t expect that. I’m impressed, cause I created VFX FOOTAGE only 3 days ago. You are really fast 😉 It’s meant to be a platform for sharing free footage for motion design and compositing in order to support creative people and their work. I considered it as waste to use such footage I created to simplify my workflow and improve the look of my creative only for my own work, so I decides to create a platform to share my files. Of course all for free.
    VFX FOOTAGE is no company, just my personal site/channel for sharing my work.
    The whole site and the footage is currently under development, so more and more footage will come soon. So my apologies for the narrow range of footage, but stay tuned, be my contact on vimeo or join my group http://www.vimeo.com/groups/free to be up to date.

    Have you any requests and ideas for footage? Feel free to mail me: mail@vfx-footage.com
    I’ll see what i can do;)

    Thanks again for your post!

    • That is a great idea Jochen, and a great thing to do! thanks!!!!

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