As an introduction to the concept of using PhotoFly 2 for Visual Effects, Samuel Conlogue looks at one possible use for PhotoFly in VFX using it to create quick depth maps for the pipeline.

Photofly automatically converts photographs shot around an object or a scene into 3D objects using the power of cloud computing. The photographs can be shot with any standard digital camera, as long as you follow some shooting guidelines. The Photo Scene Editor for Project Photofly is a small application that you download and install on your Windows computer. Check out my older post on Project Photofly.

from Samuel Conlogue who notes: “This video is a prelude to an in depth tutorial I am putting together covering the use of Photofly along side a traditional Max, Matchmover and After Effects pipeline. The Idea is to feed Photofly reference images and frame 0 from your footage then use the mesh and camera matches Photofly creates along with a camera solve from Matchmover (or any 3D motion tracking software) to allow faster shot setup for integrating CG elements into a live action shot. In this video I only deal with the initial video frame and discuss some of the interesting benefits of using Photofly in VFX.”