A look at using the Layer Shader in Cinema 4D in conjunction with Alpha Channels to give you the ability to “stack” textures in Cinema 4D from tutorial author Biscuits and Davey.

Biscuits and Davey notes: “In this tutorial I will explain the benefits of being able to stack effects, textures, images, and shaders on top of one another within a material channel, such as color. You can create highly detailed and inventive texture using the Layer Shader.”


  1. Wass

    Thanks. I learned a bunch. I want to wean myself off Ps. Right now I want to create a texture that appears underneath a thick clear coat. This will help.

  2. Solomon

    Thank you for your tutorial!
    I have a question though: is it possible to create a texture layer on existing texture if we can not make a selection of polygons to create a selection tag? For example, I have a wall with a texture on it, and I want just to add some spots/cracks on it. I hope you understand whan I mean:) Thank you 🙂

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