Currently in Beta Release, ShaderTools is a Material Shader Library for Blender where you are able to save, organize, export and share Blender Shaders easily. Check out the ShaderTools Material Library for Blender page for more information here.

What is the ShaderTools?

  • Shader Tools is an add-on software for Blender3D .
  • it is a module that allows you to import from a database of pre-defined materials and include them in your projects.
  • it allows you to create and save your own materials “house” or outside directly in the database.
  • It can also export your materials so you can share them easily.

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  1. ErikW

    Does anyone know what happened to the shader tools website? The URL returns an error – something about not having access or something and it reroutes to a wordpress admin URL. Tried googling “blender shader tools” but can’t find it anywhere.

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