Evan Abrams provides some easy methods for synchronizing audio to motion graphics in After Effects.

Some handy After Effects shortcuts mentioned are:

  • the “.” on the number pad – preview just audio
  • the “0” on the number pad – RAM preview
  • the “space bar” – preview without audio (and therefore not helpful)
  • the “command(MAC)” or “ctrl(PC)” + drag through timeline – scrub through with live audio (Very important and used often)

Evan writes: So you want to make some motion typography? Maybe some lyric videos? How about some fancy moving word show? Well you are in luck because it all starts right here with how to sync up animations to audio. Be it spoken word, musics, or the soft sweet sounds of two cats doing greasy adult activities to each other behind your house you’ll be syncing up things to that audio in no time. I hope you enjoy this presentation of a semi intoxicated motion graphics man talking at his computer.

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