New TextSyncr may prove helpful in After Effects, offering an Automatic Speech to marker solution. If you have an audio clip, and a transcription, the TextSyncr will analyze and align the transcription into layer markers that can be used for reference and animation.

TextSyncr doesn’t do the transcription itself, you need to have a transcript available for it to use. If you do though, TextSyncr seems to work well. You could use TextSyncr along side other scripts such as the Monkey brand of animation tools in After Effects, which can make use of layer markers in animation automation.

The script also comes with a captions featureset that can be used to create automatic subtitles based on the Layer Markers of any layer. With TextSyncr you can label your video with the aligned transcription to never have to scrub the CTI again. Check out TextSyncr script for After Effects for More information and pricing.