Holomatrix has posted a comparison of the SprayTrace for Maya going up against (unfairly really) a sadly outdated Maya Interactive Preview Renderer. Recently SprayTrace has updated to streamline linear color workflow and beta SSS shader support.

SprayTrace for Maya creates an instant preview of a Maya MentalRay scene by providing real-time feedback on shaders, textures lighting and camera adjustments without any special hardware requirements. Check out the page that Holomatrix has created for SprayTrace for Maya for Instant Mental Ray Previews here. SprayTrace has no special graphics card requirements, instead utilising CPU power to deliver its preview. Even modest 3D workstations will enjoy great performance. The only other requirements are Windows 64-bit and Autodesk Maya (versions 8.5, 2008 to 2012 supported).

A short video simply showing how Maya IPR performance compares with SprayTrace. Sorry if its boring on the IPR part, this is the whole point really… its not that interactive. When you see this video, I think you will truly understand what Spraytrace is all about. It will save a lot of time!!!