JP3 expands on a preview of their system for being able to use Nuke as a preview render with their new tool they have created for Nuke that consists of a custom extensible frame buffer node in Nuke that will allow you to send renders to Nuke from Maya, Softimage, or any 3D application to preview renders in composite right in Nuke. Here J3P shows the ability to load multiple scenes into Nuke from multiple renderers and preview them right in the composite.

J3P Writes: This is a quick follow-up to the last video showing our utility’s ability to load multiple scenes into Nuke from multiple renderers, and then preview them directly in context of the composite.

Some advantages of this workflow over using other methods to preview renders:

  1. Instead of only being able to view your render passes one at a time, this method allows artists to view all passes at the same time, in the proper context.
  2. Piping preview renders directly into Nuke allows artists to start planning and building a final composite much earlier in the production process. This makes optimal use of preview renders since they are able to see how each render pass will actually be implemented in the final composite. This allows faster turnarounds, fewer renders, and more optimized use of resources (disk space, network, and render farm).