A great little posting from the filmmakers of the Silent City Series where they are using Maya to conceptualize and choreograph a chase scene for the film. It is interesting to watch the correlation between the CG camera’s to the real life cameras when the sequence will be shot.

from the Silent City Description: In this tutorial we use Maya to understand what shots will work, how they will cut and why some are better than others. No animation experience is necessary to get something out of this – it is more about thinking a scene through visually and preparing yourself before the complexities and distractions of the set take over.

Chases make for great movies, but filming a chase scene can be a complicated and challenging unless you’re sufficiently prepared. A great way to do this is with pre-visualization. The final ‘scene’ appears at the end of the clip.

You can download the maya file here: silentcityseries.com/chase_scene.mb