Go Procedural posts what represents the last in the series for getting to know SideFX’s Procedural powerhouse that is Houdini with a look at a great introduction to Houdini’s Compositor, or using Houdini’s Compositor Operations (COPS). The video shows exploring the IMG context as a general compositor but also as a tool to use 2D images and animations to drive 3D effects in Houdini.

There are six types of COPS in Houdini which fall into the categories of Generators (which can create new images and new planes), Scoped Filters (filter operations), Masked Filters (affecting an image by means of a mask), Pixel Filters (pixel based operations), Timing Modifiers (for moving frames around), Compositing and Blending Operators (for standard compositing type stuff), Plane Operators (that can create, swap or merge images), and VEX operations (creating custom compositing operators through VEX)