Core-CG has updated MentalCore Mental Ray rendering workflow plugin for Maya to version 1.4 adding some important new features such as a new Environment Render Pass, as well as Ambient Occlusion Trace Flags. MentalCore is a plugin for Maya that provides a much better and smoother workflow integration for Mental Ray, making it less kluge and more in-line with other rendering workflows. If you love using Mental Ray, but are always frustrated at hidden or buried features, MentalCore is really for you. MentalCore is US$189 for a Node Locked license – and US$199 for Floating license that includes 5 free render only licenses.

MentalCore is a plugin that provides an alternative to the standard rendering workflow for Maya and Mental Ray. Designed and proven in production, MentalCore completes the shading, lighting and rendering pipeline, and is suitable for small to large productions. MentalCore allows you to focus on creating great renders in less time, and the shader library provides a wide range of material, texture and utility shaders to help you achieve the look you need.

MentalCore version 1.4 is now available and includes a number of important bug fixes as well as a few new features. Check out the list below.


  • New “Environment” render pass. This pass allows you to render the environment (IBL/Sun&Sky etc) as a separate pass.
  • Ambient Occlusion trace flags. This allows you to control which objects will be hit by AO rays based on their render stats (Casts Shadows etc). This can be found in the render globals under the Advanced Occlusion settings. Maya 2012/2013 only.
  • New shader “core_color_temperature”. This is a simple light shader that outputs colors based on a temperature setting. Includes a range of presets.
  • Updated “core_displace” shader. This improved version allows you to automatically offset displacement values for maps in the 0-1 range.


  • Fixed issue with some broken render passes when using the core_mia_material.
  • Fixed issue with core_mia_material not rendering the correct shadow when using cutout opacity.
  • Fixed issue with core texture shaders not working with displacement shaders.