Ronn Trevino (@rovino) shows a workflow solution for using After Effects CS6 3D Tracker in conjunction with Cinema 4D. This tutorial shows here shows the basic use of the new 3D camera Tracker in After Effects and how to create cameras, nulls and solids within the tracking data. Ronn then shows how to export all that for Cinema 4D.

Ronn Trevino writes: Here’s one of my first tutorials. Someone had asked me to make a tutorial on this subject. So I decided to give it a try. 3 days and an hour of footage later.. I was still not happy with the results. however I broke up the tut into Parts.
Part one is about 17 mins. I explain how to use the camera tracker. How to create cameras and solids within the tracking data as well as nulls. How to export that to cinema 4d.. Finally I show you quickly how to add geometry to your scene and how to sync it to your footage using the data we exported.. I hope this helps