Andrew Price with a great introduction into using fluid dynamics is Blender where he takes you through a project from start to finish – right from modeling and texturing, creating fluid simulations, creating bubbles using particles, and rendering the image and simulation out so that it looks as real as possible.

Andrew Price creates some fruit dropping in some water which really represents a great overview of the workflow and management involved in creating fluid simulations in Blender, which like in all applications, can be a bit of a challenge to get control of. To this end Andrew notes that “Depending on how much patience you have, the fluid simulator can be a rewarding experience or flat out disappointing. The truth is, no matter how experienced you are, there’s always bit of a guess work that goes into using any sort of simulator. Usually the only way to achieve the perfect look is by trying hundreds of bakes until you finally get something that works.”

Check out the tutorial for Creating a Photorealistic Fruit Splash in Blender Using Fluid Simulations at BlenderGuru here.

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