Jakub Zolcik walks through some of the capabilities of his Blender Addon, Particle Morphing Tool or PMT. The Particle Morphing Tool will allow you to create animations where shapes can disintegrate into a series of particles and reintegrate into a completely different shape, essentially blending between tow shapes in Blender, with some particle animation.

This is an updated version of first part of Particle Morphing Tools (PMT) Addon. I included 4 tutorials where I tried to explain all available options. There should also soon appear 5 tutorial with effects examples and new preview

Jacob shows how to get started using the Particle Morphing Tool by providing an introductory tutorial, and shows how to use Shape Keys in PMT, Particle Morphing Tools’ Operators, as well as a look at dealing with Materials in PMT.

You can follow Particle Morphing Tools’ development on the thread at BlenderArtists.org, where you can find a download link to try out the PMT on your own.

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  1. I didn’t recognize the PMT sort mesh element in the second tut.. can you please help me to reach an order in my morphing mesh? Thanks


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