LightMap Releases HDR Studio 4 with OS X and Linux Releases Available For The First Time

We have seen plenty of great previews, and have been highly anticipating the release for HDR Studio 4. Wait no longer as Lightmap Labs recently released HDR Studio 4 which marks some significant advancements and features in their product geared towards interactive creation and control of image based lighting for 3D Rendering.

Lightmap launches HDR Light Studio 4 for Windows with OS X and Linux releases available for the first time bringing the creation and control of image based lighting within the reach of all 3D artists

HDR Studio 4 adds a bunch of highly sought after features including LightCam, FilmBack and SunShade in addition for the facility for Python scripting within HDR Studio. Most notably HDR Studio 4 offers a new LightPaint feature which allows you to paint on an IBL and direct light wherever you like in real time updating the model’s lighting and reflections as you add lights.

Artists put the light where they want it, thinking only about their artistic intent, creating a custom HDRI map on the fly to light the shot

  • LightPaint Place and select lights directly on the rendered view
  • LightCam Look through the lights on the HDR map and use the camera navigation to drive their location
  • FilmBack Explore the shot with pan and zoom in LiveLight to light details using LightPaint
  • SunShade Take control of the brightness of light sources in existing HDRI maps
  • Improved Interface Smoother, faster and more space efficient
  • Cross Platform Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Single Edition Includes plug-ins for KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, VRED, Patchwork 3D, SAP Visual Enterprise Author, Maya and Houdini.
  • Direct Export Push scenes from Modo, Cinema4D, 3DS Max & Maya direct into LiveLight
  • Output Presets Select your 3D software/ renderer combo for correctly mapped HDR output
  • Python API Create and tailor HDR Light Studio 4 Live integrations for your pipeline

Lightmap HDR Light Studio 4 is available immediately for £299 / $499 / €399 (Educational 1 year seats £49 / $79 / €69) through the online Lightmap store or through any Lightmap Authorized Reseller. For commercial and educational facility floating seat pricing contact Lightmap or your reseller.

HDR Light Studio 4 is a free update for Pro version 3 customers and a full featured demo version is available online. More information can be found for HDR Studio at