Exocortex has created a suite of professional grade tools for exchanging data from Softimage, Max, and Maya using the Alembic format. Called Exocortex Crate, the suite consists of 4 content creation plugins for Alembic import and export and provides a consistent interface and data between the other Exocortex Crate components.

Here, Ben Houston shows how you are able to use Exocortex Crate to transfer a mesh that has multiple UV sets from 3ds Max to Maya, via the Alembic File Format.

how to use Exocortex Crate, the unified Alembic suite for 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage, to transfer a mesh with multiple UV sets from 3DS Max to Maya. Ben demonstrates how to create multiple UV sets in 3DS Max, how to render them in 3DS Max, how to transfer them via Alembic, and how to utilize them in Maya

Exocortex Crate is meant to be a solution that will allow content creators to work in their application of choice without the worry of data interchange, providing tools for Alembic for Softimage, Alembic for 3DS Max, Alembic for Maya (which is in Open Beta), Alembic for Arnold and even Alembic for Python. Exocortex Crate provides a consistent feature set and user interface across the board, and a consistent feature set designed for VFX professionals to standardize their pipelines around the Alembic format.

Each Exocortex Crate license includes one interactive floating writer license, valid with any of our Alembic writers regardless of DCC tool, and it is bundled with 5 reader licenses, which you can use to deploy Alembic to your farm. This arrangement simplifies purchasing and using Exocortex Crate as well as deploying it on your render farm. The cost per Exocortex Crate license is $399


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