Cinema 4D Plugin developer Valkaari has been working on bringing the Houdini Ocean Toolkit to Cinema 4D, taking the codebase developed by Drew Whitehouse.

I’ve updated HOT4D. It’s should now work with version R12 and more without package restriction. (still 64 bits only)

The Houdini Ocean Toolkit (HOT) will allow you to render ocean waves using the algorithms of Jerry Tessendorf described in theSIGGRAPH 2004 course notes and the latest source and binary distrubitons are available in the Downloads section.

Admittedly Valkaari notes that most of it was just a copy and paste getting the HOT to work in Cinema 4D and is currently in the Alpha stage, where he is continually working on the HOT4D, which you can download, try and make a donation for here HOT4D Houdini Ocean Toolkit for Cinema 4D.