Surface Mimic, Creators of highly detailed and versatile displacement, alpha, and stencil maps for digital sculptors, have expanded their product line with the new “Tiles” product, offering seamless high quality scanned content for 3D artists in General, not only digital sculptors, and With Tiles, are adding normal maps the list of texture types.

SurfaceMimic develops their content product by scanning real life material using a photometric stereo technique on a custom built 3D surface scanner taking multiple shots of the subject with the lighting at slightly different angles to the scanning surface.


Surface Mimic’s “Tiles” uses the same 3D Surface Scan technology and techniques that they have honed on their digital sculptor resources. What they have done is taken what they have learned from scanning sculptors resource materials and applied that to creating a product that has the same high quality for general 3D workflow.

We wanted a way to bring 3D scan textures to everyone, not just digital sculptors

By offering seamlessly tiling scans, Surface Mimic is broadening its user base to texture artists and modelers, technical artists working on shaders and materials as well as digital sculptors.

  • Tiles are “plug and play” – no artist editing needed
  • Tiles can be used in nearly any 3D workflow – Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya, Allegorithmic’s Substance, nDO … the list goes on.
  • Mix and Match – more than ever its easier to blend our tiling textures with other tiling textures giving infinite variety.
  • Tiles are still 100% real data – like everything else on our site.