Dogacan Bilgili shows how to create simple and dynamic grass in Cinema 4D using its Dynamic hair Systems that will be affected by a collider object, allowing it to interact with other objects in the scene.

In this tutorial, the Hair module will be used in order to create a realistic grass effect which will also dynamically interact with a collider object

There is more than one way to create a grass like surface in Cinema 4D, such as the Grass Painter Tool from C4DZone, as well as a few other methods to create grass, almost cheating the effect, however, using the Hair system in Cinema is well suited, easy to set up and provides the ability to be dynamic when animated.

Here, Dogacan walks through the process of creating a patch of grass and has it react with an animated golf ball. Check out the tutorial for Creating Dynamic Grass Using Cinema 4D’s Powerful Hair Module here.