Joey Camacho demonstrates his approach to setting up and using a Linear Color workflow in Cinema 4D when rendering with VRAYforC4D as well as incorporating multi-pass rendering in the pipeline.

This is a quick video on my approach to multipass rendering with VRAYforC4D. Although not perfect, VRAYforC4D proves to be an incredible asset in terms of photorealistic production and speed

Joey notes that the VRAYforC4D linear experience isn’t as refined as it would be with V-Ray for 3ds Max, or even Maya. Here, Joey provides some tips for working in Linear, and also shows the ins-and-outs of creating useful render pass layers for compositing within the linear structure, and also posts some relevant informative link on the subject with the VRAYforC4D Manual & Multipass – and Composite V-Ray render elements to make a Photoshop Beauty Pass in Max –