Matteo Migliorini walks through exporting particles from a RealFlow simulation that uses the hybrido solver, and getting that export into 3ds Max for rendering with the Krakatoa system. RealFlows’ Hybrido System is a hybrid grid and particle-based fluid solver for medium to large scale simulations in RealFlow, making it a great source for Krakatoa’s rendering workflow.

In this video tutorial I show how you can export particles from simulation of realflow (using Hybrido solver) for Krakatoa renderer and import inside 3DS Max for render

Matteo notes some issues and solutions on the process of exporting Hybrido particles for Krakatoa rendering, and also provides some tips for using the Krakatoa and PRT Loaders. Recently, Thinkbox Software announced that Krakatoa will be available soon for Autodesk Maya Windows and Linux Systems as well as a stand alone application. Krakatoa provides the ability for importing, caching, deforming, sculpting, shading and rendering huge datasets of particles very quickly, integrating with plugins such as Particle Flow and native particle tools.