Emanuel Claesson shares a PyMEL Installer for Maya which in itself is a Python script that will easily instal PyMEL into Maya as a single use. Typically installing PyMEL is not that big of a deal in Maya, however, something like this would prove much simpler as if a version of Maya does not have PyMEL installed but still want to be able to use a PyMEL script.

yMELInstaller is a Python script that installs PyMEL (for use in Maya scripts)

Without something like PyMEL, Python scripting in Maya is a bit awkward and doesn’t make use of Python’s flexible object oriented design. PyMEL builds on the cmds module by organizing its commands into a class hierarchy, and by customizing them to operate more intuitively to both MEL and Python users alike.

Emanuel notes that this is really the way to go, If you need PyMEL for a single-file script and don’t want the user to have to bother installing PyMEL. Check out the PyMEL Installer for Maya here.