Zack Lovatt is on a bit of a roll these days, with his latest effort Create Pivotal Null, you are able to simplify and speed up the process of creating nulls in After Effects, based on a layer or shape’s corners, sides or center, and have that new null already parented and ready to go. A simple concept, but such a great time-saver.

Create Pivotal Null was made to help make your rigging happen much smoother, much faster

As creating and parenting nulls in any type of animation is simply a necessary task, it does take a bit of effort for something that should be just routine.

Zack has created an easy to use panel for After Effects that will allow you to simply choose where you want the null based on our selection. You can even parent the null to the object, and as an added bonus, you can do this to a single layer or object in After Effects, or multiple layers as well.

Check out the Create Pivotal Null Script for creating and parenting nulls in After Effects here.