Character TD Suchan Raj Bajracharya of the Puppeteer Lounge is hosting a webinar featuring acclaimed character TD Victor Vinyals, who will demystify and divulge all insider-secrets of the Non-Roll Setup.

The Non-Flip Character Setup Webinar with Victor Vinyals is scheduled during the 3rd week of June 2013.

a Live Webinar explaining all the insides and secrets of the Non-roll setup

The Live event is roughly around 1.5 hours of lecture and Q&A and set up to be a skills upgrade, where you can learn from industry professionals. Participants will also be provided with a Webinar recording for reference.

Victor Vinyals will show how to use the Non-Roll Setup for rigging character shoulders, looking at various character clothing challenges along the way.

Victor notes that this particular “no roll” technique will avoid the usual and often annoying collapse of the shoulder area when twisting the upperarm while hitting certain positions.

The cost of the Webinar is $75, and you are able to sign up at the puppeteer lounge here.