Chris Zurbrigg posts an update to his Blue Pencil Plugin for Autodesk Maya, that provides 2D drawing to Maya’s 3D Viewport, allowing for planning, annotation and illustration.

Blue Pencil v1.52 sees the release of a powerful new transform tool which will allow you to translate, rotate and scale selected regions of a Blue Pencil drawing.

With the transform tool, it is possible to select an area of a drawing and transform it (translate, rotate and scale)

The new transform tool will also allow for additional functionality, including cut, copy and paste between Blue Pencil drawings and layers.

Blue Pencil also sneaks in some other new features, such as the ability to resize the brush diameter with the Maya standard keyboard shortcut “b”, as well as a new option to paint the previous key if a key does not yet exist at the current time.

Check out the new features of Blue Pencil Sketchpad for Maya v.1.52 here.