Using Advanced Functionality in Red9 PoseSaver for Maya, Including a Look at the StudioPack’s New PoseHandler

Going through some of the more advanced features of in the Red9 PoseSaver, Mark Jackson takes a look at the aspects of PoseSaver that can be modified on the fly, and covers the Relative Pose Offset, Pose Compare for comparing the current state of a rig against a known pose, and the new upcoming feature, Pose Handler.

We use some of these features internally at work to tailor the behavior of specific folders, allowing us to store facial and finger data which need additional logic

Mark also goes over using PoseCompare, providing some insights to filterPriorities and how they are relevant when loading relative poses.

Mark also notes that in build v1.31 includes audio support via a new menu in the Maya TraxEditor, which will allow you to delete audio from the Trax offering some simple but useful tools. To find out more about the more about the advanced features of red9 PoseSaver, and the upcoming release, check out the post here.