Using Clipping Planes in SynthEyes for Managing Selections of Dense Lidar Point Cloud Data

Russ Andersson demonstrates how to use Planes in SynthEyes essentially as clipping planes, which can be used to assist in working with point-dense lidar or tracking data, allowing you to manage selections easily.

Shows how you can use real SynthEyes planes to act as clipping planes when working on vertex point clouds, ie from tracker positions or lidar data

Russ notes that creating selections, especially with Lidar data, can be difficult, as the point clouds do not get culled.

So intrinsically making a selection will select points throughout the entire volume of the point cloud, not just what is being viewed.

By using SynthEyes Planes, you are able to manage your selections, using the planes as clipping planes, stopping the selection from going further from that point. -Good stuff!