Creating some presets to assist in the workflow for creating animatics or animation Storyboards, Stu Maschwitz releases Prolost Boardo, which was a set of three presets that he has used for a while and recently made available.

A set of animation presets that streamline the process of creating an animated storyboard, or board-o-matic, in Adobe After Effects CS6 and greater

Prolost Boardo allows you to easily adjust your timings, which include camera moves without adjusting keyframes or transitions in After Effects. Boardo does this through the use of standard Layer Markers to easily control Boardo’s animated attributes. This is quite brilliant as you are able to see how your animation is all laid out without having to de-nest cryptic keyframes.

Boardo is comprised of three tools, Boardo, Boardo Fader, and Boardo Oscillate, these work together to give you plenty of control over creating animation with storyboard images.

  • Easily animate basic pan, tilt, zoom, and dutching camera moves, without using any keyframes.
  • Your camera moves update automatically when you change the layer’s duration.
  • Use Layer Markers to easily control when the camera moves start and stop.
  • Add life to your storyboard frames with customizable camera shake. Choose from a library of realistic motions, or dial in your own.
  • Use any images for your storyboards, or draw them on your iPad using included templates for the popularNoteshelf app.
  • Automatically cross-dissolve between shots by overlapping them in the timeline.
  • Prolost Oscillate automates opacity animations for cycling animations between drawings.
  • Prolost Fader makes quick work of transitioning between drawings to create simple animation.