DeeX VRay Arsenal for Maya Adds On the Fly Randomizer for Instantly Randomizing Attributes in a Shader Network

Damien Bataille pushes out a new release for DeeX VRay Arsenal, updating to version 1.4, adding an on-the-fly randomizer which will allow you to randomly change all the attributes in a shader network, giving you the control over minimum and maximum values.

DeeX provides the tools to easily manage V-Ray scenes for rendering offering quick access to a render pass manager, and the ability to set render quality with a simple slider, breaking down the rendering workflow to three tabs for Pass, Quality and Toolbox controls.

The main feature of this release is the “on fly randomizer”-This feature gives you the possibility to randomize all attributes of the shading network

The randomizer will allow you to pick a shading network, and add objects, and set minimum and maximum values for attributes in that shader, providing a really quick way to affect many like objects or materials. To learn more about DeeX VRay Arsenal for Maya, check its page here, and you can also sign up for a free trail version of Deex Vray Arsenal here