Thinkbox Software Announces Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D


Thinkbox Software has announced that Krakatoa will be coming to Cinema 4D, recently acquiring Daniel Hennies’ efforts in creating a bridge between the Stand-Alone version of Krakatoa and Cinema 4D, which used Krakatoa SR’s C++ API to integrate the particle renderer.

Thinkbox Software today announced that it has acquired code to bring its powerful particle renderer, Krakatoa, into MAXON’s CINEMA 4D modeling and animation software

Thinkbox has has acquired the code to bring its Krakatoa particle renderer into MAXON’s CINEMA 4D modeling and animation software, and is refining the feature set for an official launch as soon as early 2014. Krakatoa is Thinkbox Software’s Volumetric Particle Rendering, Manipulation and Management Toolkit which is currently available off-the-shelf for Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max.

KRAKATOA uses the computer’s CPU, making it usable on most hardware running Windows or Linux operating systems, not needing dedicated GPU cards. To learn more about Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D, check the press release here.