ZBrush | Cut 3D Printing Costs In Half By Using Dynamesh to Hollow Out the Model

A quick demonstration from Steve Talkowski, who provides a tip for using ZBrush’s DynaMesh feature for saving some money on 3D Prints. If you are familiar with 3D printing, many places such as shapeways can become quite an expensive endeavor, especially due to size where larger models simply require more material and much more time to built out.

This short tutorial will show you how to hollow out geometry for 3d printing using ZBrush’s amazing Dynamesh and Create Shell option

Here, Steve shows that you can “hollow out” the model, not only making the 3D print lighter physically, but also lighter on the pocketbook. Steve shows how to use ZBrush’s Dynamesh and the Create Shell option to prepare a hollow-walled model for 3D printing.