A new python plugin from César Vonc will allow you to modify a vertex map based on the movement of that point. Used as a tag within Cinema 4D, Influence Point can provide some gray visual information on how an animated object is moving, being able to map speed, rotation, stretching, density and even acceleration.

This tool comes in the form of a property to add on your editable Polygon objectCésar Vonc

The plugin adds a new tag in Cinema 4D that you can add to any editable polygon object, allowing you to calculate the different modes provided by the plugin. Influence Point can provide the necessary  information to learn things about a moving object in Cinema 4D which can be useful in all sorts of ways. If you want to ding out how a soft body is stretching or how regular the mesh of an object is, or any effect that will involve the use of a vertex map, the Influence Point Plugin has it covered – there is also an effector Influence that you can use in the c4d MoGraph module.

Influence Point is available for 22 €, or roughly $30.00 and can be obtained from César’s site. There is even a demo version that you can try out, which is limited to “speed mode”. Check out the Influence Point Plugin for Cinema 4D here.

Version 1.1 of the Influence Point Plugin features:

  • Cinema 4D R14 Compatibility

  • Influence directly displayed in the view

  • Ability to calculate the deformation from baseline in speed modes

  • Min and max mode density values can be set manually

  • New method of calculation of the available fade
  • Influence Point for C4D