Maya | SHAPES BlendShape Editing Tool

Ingo Clemens has offered some pretty useful and free tools for Autodesk Maya, and other applications in the past, ranging from his simple PolyScatter script, right down to a complete and full featured Render Manager in Pipeline.

Recently, the Brave Rabbit posted a look at a new product for Maya in SHAPES, a blendShape editor that is designed to streamline the process of creating and editing corrective shapes and blendShapes.

SHAPES is a complete blend shape editing tool designed to unify the process of creating and editing blend shapes and correctives


SHAPES provides a “sculpt anywhere” philosophy, where you can work in MudBox, ZBrush or anything else you prefer, dropping the model into a sculpting application is a simple button click.

SHAPES will allow you to build new blend shapes in a posed state, even if the other blendShape targets are active. SHAPES is heard to reduce the amount of technical routines needed when creating something that should rely more on the creative process. SHAPES will also assist you in setting up the driving relationship for all the generated blend shapes as well, allowing you to choose between a regular set driven key or a weighted driver which is a vector based reader node provided by SHAPES.

SHAPES is available on February 1, 2014 on OS X, Windows and Linux running Autodesk Maya 2012 and later. You can learn more about SHAPES BelndShape Editor for Autodesk Maya here.