Using Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill in After Effects

A while back, the I posted a bit on the Motion Boutique’s Content Aware Fill Script for After Effects and Photoshop, (which was more of an experiment really) to see if you can pair Photoshops content aware fill feature with After Effects to create some semi-automated “removals”.

Quick experimentation attempting to use Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill feature on a video (actually images sequence) Here’s a tutorial by requestmotionboutique

The script is actually two scripts, one for the After Effects component, and the other to handle the processing in Photoshop. If you are able to create a track point for the footage in After Effects, then you can use the script to export an image sequence that can be brought into Photoshop. From Photoshop, selecting and running the script will start to process the images out and back into another image sequence which you can bring back into AE. It sounds like a longer process than it actually is, and respectfully, it doesn’t seem to do too bad a job.

The scripts are provided for free over at the Motion Boutique’s site – Check out the Content Aware Fill Script for After Effects and Photoshop here.