From the MotionBoutique Blog, comes an experiment in using Photoshop’s content aware fill feature on video… which kind of makes sense as a possibility given that Photoshop has been able to import and modify video for a while. Perhaps if you don’t have access to Mocha Pro or something like it, you will still be able to do simple removes by using Photoshop’s content aware fill together with After Effects.

Check out the post for Content Aware Fill Script for After Effects/Photoshop for the script download here.

Quick experimentation attempting to use Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill feature on a video (actually images sequence).


  • Open a video in After Effects and export it to a sequence of images
  • Using AE’s Tracker, track a point through the sequence
  • Select the track point, and execute the script posted below
  • Open Photoshop CS5 or CS6, and run the script ‘psBatchContentAwareFill.jsx’ created in step 3