Bilal Marri has a look at using TrapCode Particular in After Effects to create a realistic waterfall. Using a backplate image for the scene, and faking the water effect by adjusting simple attributes with the TrapCode Particular particle system, Bilal Marri is able to achieve a friarly realistic effect.

fake the water effect by playing with the size, opacity, and shading settings. Along the way you’ll get some tips on how to make the effect as realistic as possibleBilal Marri –

I am always impressed by the types of looks you can get simply by using particle sprites with a particle system. The range from smoke to water can be achieved by using the proper sprite. Here, Bilal uses one particle group to create the waterfall, and another to take over for the overspray and splashes.

For the complete tutorial, please check out Create a Rushing Waterfall Using Particular here.