Technology is forever changing its course as well as its medium. With event producers preferring projection mapping for grabbing maximum eyeballs, most events are likely to feature cutting edge audio, video and lighting advancements in events making them even better.



How can one use Projection Mapping for Events?


Projection Mapping is one of the latest technologies which feature in events due to its affordability, availability and effectiveness as an advertising medium. It is an exciting new technique which can convert any surface into an effective and dynamic video display.

With environmental elements which move naturally, presentations can make a terrific impact and an exciting experience

Specialized software is mostly used for projecting images perfectly on different shaped screens. Events use this technology for a dynamic projection instead of the traditional video projection.

Most high-profile pop-concerts and huge product launches of innovative products make use of projection mapping in their events. The popularity of projection mapping has reduced the costs involved. Many event management companies and marketing firms make use of the technology to help their clients to project their marketing images on large buildings or plain spaces.

Projection Mapping is an affordable medium of marketing for those who want to create the right impressions.


Use of Projection Mapping in Marketing

Outdoor projection mapping makes use of clever animations which are projected on the building surfaces to bring large graphics to life. These moving images can leave the audience speechless with their creativity as walls morph into curves and even change the existing colours.

projection mapping 2

Animated palaces can be built with imagination in seconds and recreated every time. Most marketing brands can make use of outdoor projection mapping to interweave a marketing message into the animation, thus demonstrating a useful product or service to the audience.

Many brands stress on the use of a centrally-located building for product launches since this mode of marketing is highly visible, highly impactful, environment-friendly and extremely cost-effective.

In the face-to-face, conference environment, various stage sets are used instead of buildings. Projection Mapping can be tweaked and transformed to suit any surface, thus helping the corporate to project the co-relation between a changing audience and their business.


Five Tips to Leverage Projection Mapping


1. Content and craft

The success of a project inspires the makers to upgrade their video assets while content can be enhanced and rendered again. Alternatively, one can upgrade the content along with better renderings, better animation and illustrations, giving more emphasis on 3D content and better accuracy in the details. The enhanced approach always drives audience response and consumer behaviour to a positive result.

2. Technical Enhancements

With more and more sophisticated technology doing the rounds, one needs to ascertain if some technology limits content development and functionality. The enhanced experience for future projects needs to work in reducing those limits. It helps if the media server and technology is upgraded, and the projection quality can be enhanced to deliver more intensity, resolution and clarity.

3. Movement

With environmental elements which move naturally, presentations can make a terrific impact and an exciting experience. Projections can follow moving targets which heightens the visual experience for the audience. Also, since the technology is not utilized before, the newness factor creates a strong impact.

4. Storytelling

A projection mapping production delivers a sparkling spectacle like the fireworks display. For the audience to have a strong repeat value, it is essential to have newness in it, every time it is rendered. With strong storytelling elements including mood and tone, marketing brands can play with audience expectations and eventually fulfil them with different elements of conflict and resolution.
The creative process should be strong enough around the project, with powerful content in accordance to the venue, target audience and strategic context of the product or service.

5. Interactivity

Most people tend to have memories about past experiences when they are part of it. By introducing several interactive elements along with projection mapping, event marketers can build emotional resonance and visual impact. A multi-user interface is required to interact and manipulate elements and this can be done without shelling out ludicrous amount of money.


projection mapping interactivity


Points to remember while implementing projection maps

  • It is important to have a precise map of the target surface for better accuracy. A little video spillover on the projection might send the wrong message to the audience.
  • The emotional quotient is important since emotions drive preferences, memories and, also behaviour.
  • Keep the message and story-telling tight and crisp.
  • Integrate the messaging, content, mapping process and production with the same goal
  • The delivery system makes a big difference while creating the right impact. If the projection that you need, has to be brighter, use additional projectors.

About the Author:

Mark smith is a marketing manager and associated with Luminvision Ltd. He likes to research on Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality, Interactive floors and projection.