Andrew Browne posts what he calls a “semi-comprehensive” guide to working with the Houdini fur module. This comes to the stack of questions on Houdini based forums all centred around using the Houdini fur, such as asking how to setup FiberMesh guides in Zbrush for Houdini hair and fur.

Recorded in 1080 for clarity, this is a semi-comprehensive guide to working with Fur in Houdini 13Andrew Browne –

Andrew takes a look at creating attribute based fur and walks through actually creating a beard for a character’s face. He also takes a look at custom guide creation. Andrew shows how to take ZBrush FiberMesh and connect it to Houdini fur, essentially using it as guides for the fur.

Credit is due to Serg who came up with the method of optimizing shadows. And can be seen in this thread here –